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Many claims that we see come from FDCPA complaints.  This statute has been around for 40 years and these claims can be costly which is why collections is regarded as one of the higher risk areas of practice for attorneys.  The following question was sent to AskWilliam@Travelers. READ MORE >>

Attorney Malpractice Insurance Policies are written on a ‘claims-made’ policy form.  A claims-made policy form requires that the covered act must be reported (claim made) during the policy period or during the extension of the reporting period (ERP/Tail). READ MORE >>

This is a frequently asked question.  Attorney takes the “free” non-practicing Extended Reporting Period Endorsement (ERP/Tail) on his Attorney Malpractice Insurance Policy and decides to start practicing law again at a later date.  What is the impact on the ERP?   READ MORE >>

Many attorney s refer cases.  Some firms do no real legal work and refer out almost any case that comes their way.  For law firms with this business model they should read ‘Court Castigates the Solicit-Then-Refer Model’ by Seth Laver.   The rest of this blog is for the attorneys that occasionally refer out cases. READ MORE >>

What professional liability limits should a law firm carry is a frequently asked question.  It’s difficult for an insurance agent/broker to answer.  The broker simply does not know your law practice well enough. There is no set answer for a law firm. READ MORE >>

Given the issues with claims-made insurance for attorney malpractice insurance thought and planning on how to handle the attorney malpractice exposure should start prior to the split.  If your two person law firm is splitting up and each going separate ways, the best approach for the firm is... READ MORE >>

It’s important to encourage your staff to improve client relationships whenever possible. Surprise your staff with gift cards or a catered lunch when you see them go above and beyond for a client, or if they consistently assist you with providing great client relations. READ MORE >>

Claim Study:  Failure to Investigate Client’s Potential Sources of Insurance Coverage Curiosity of Travelers Insurance Company One of the initial issues that a civil litigator retained to provide a defense should consider is whether the client has any insurance coverage that might be responsive to the claim or suit. READ MORE >>

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