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Most of us need to be better at setting goals for ourselves as well as for our firm and the people that work for us.  We all know that we should set goals and that people that do set goals tend to perform better.  Here are a few Hints from The Hartford on Goal Setting: READ MORE >>

Question coming with frequency from lawyers; “Does attorney malpractice insurance cover my ‘marijuana practice’?” The short answer to this question is there is no specific exclusion in almost all lawyer’s professional liability insurance policies for a ‘marijuana practice’. READ MORE >>

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was formed by the Dodd-Frank Act.  The main intent of the CFPB was to help consumers that were having issues with Banks, Lenders and other Financial Institutions. READ MORE >>

A number of media outlets, including the BBC, have reported that certain HP Laptops have been shipped with KeyLogger software on them since 2012.  This means that every keystroke on on affected HP laptops could be viewed by 3rd parties. READ MORE >>

According to the Miami Herald and the Florida Record, Erwin Rosenberg’s troubles started in 2006 when Rosenberg would not produce client documents in a lawsuit.  Circuit Court Judge Gerber ruled that Rosenberg had acted in bad faith and awarded attorney’s fees. READ MORE >>

An attorney malpractice or lawyers professional liability insurance policy may have a Law ‘Firm’ Prior Acts Date, an ‘Individual’ Prior Acts Date, a ‘Career Coverage’ Prior Acts Date and/or ‘Predecessor ‘ Firm Prior Acts Date. READ MORE >>

Prior acts along with a ‘claims-made’ policy form are two of the most misunderstood concepts with malpractice insurance.  It is a shame, because this misunderstanding costs many professional s millions of dollars in coverage every year. READ MORE >>

Eric Conn, aka Mr. Social Security, was captured while coming out of a restaurant in a Honduras shopping center by a Honduran SWAT team.  He is scheduled to be returned to the US on December 5. Eric Conn was nicknamed Mr. Social Security because he handled over 3100 social security disability cases with a federal judge and doctor on his payroll. READ MORE >>

During a closing on a real estate transaction, cyber criminals sent new instructions via e-mail for sending the monies.   Insured did not verify by a phone call or other means that the new instructions changing the account numbers was correct.  $150,000 was sent to the cyber criminals via ACH as a result and the money is gone. READ MORE >>

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