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Attorney malpractice policies are not standardized.  There is no ISO attorney malpractice policy form.  Some law firms attempt to address the policy coverage differences by having an agent do a side by side policy comparison. READ MORE >>

I was meeting with the partners of a medium sized insurance defense law firm a few years ago, trying to understand why they were paying what seemed about 3 times what the attorney malpractice premium should be.  According to the practice area grid (AOP) the firm did 100% insurance defense. READ MORE >>

Firms get trapped by the sin of omission when completing the malpractice claims questions.  This can happen with either the incumbent malpractice insurer’s renewal application or a new business application with a different insurer.  “Prior Knowledge” of a claim is a leading cause for malpractice claims denials. READ MORE >>

Question from Attorney: I am still looking at alternatives for renewing my attorney malpractice coverage and cannot get firm terms until I get Insurance Carrier Loss runs from my incumbent insurer.  If I am a “few” days late renewing coverage is that going to be a problem? READ MORE >>

Many people have no idea what Insurance Carrier Loss Runs are.  Plus who wants to discuss or disclose malpractice claims just to get an insurance quote.  Why won’t an insurer just quote without this information? Insurance carrier loss runs are a report(s) that shows claims reported to a malpractice insurer during the time the firm was with the insurer. READ MORE >>

Year after year you are required to complete a malpractice application.  It is enough to make you want to scream.  Accountant and attorney malpractice insurers generally want an updated application every year.  But Business Owners, Workers Compensation and Commercial Auto insurers renew each year without an application. READ MORE >>

Because attorney malpractice insurance is written on a claims made policy form the prior acts date is important to determining if there is coverage for an act that may have occurred many years ago.  The first three things that an insurer looks at to determine if the claims made policy covers the loss are: READ MORE >>

In Burton v Kohn, John H Burton filed a Fair Debt Collection Practices Acts (FDCPA)/Wisconsin Consumer Act (WCA) against Kohn Law Firm SC and Unifund to avoid paying a debt.   This all started in February 2015, when Kohn Law Firm on behalf of Unifund filed a lawsuit in Brown County Circuit Court to collect a debt against Burton. READ MORE >>

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