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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: 8_2017

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The BBC report states over 711 million e-mail addresses have been scooped up by a spambot.  Some of the compromised e-mail addresses also contained other personal information that can be used to help phishing e-mails target your e-mail accounts.  In some cases the e-mail information stolen may also contain passwords. READ MORE >>

The Attorney Protective Newsletter contains information on the following Topics: 1. Navigating Ethical Pitfalls and Fraudulent schemes 2. Lawyers Increasingly Targets of  E-mail/Fraudulent Check Schemes 3. The Double Billing Dilemma To Download a PDF copy of this newsletter READ MORE >>

Attorney malpractice claims coming from poor billing practices continue to be one of the highest frequency claim causes.  Whether the client was upset with the service, did not have the money, poor communication or just mad at the world, claims resulting from attorney fee issues are not slowing down. READ MORE >>

It all started in 2013, Matt Corby, an Australian teenager, measured his subway Footlong sandwich.  It measured 11 inches.   He then posted the photographed picture of his sandwich along with a tape measure on Facebook. READ MORE >>

This appears to be a case of The Friday Afternoon Fraud that we have previously blogged about.  According to a Housing Wire post American Pacific Mortgage (APM) is suing its insurer Aspen Specialty (Aspen) for a fraudulent wire transfer that occurred in 2015. READ MORE >>

Overall:   The following information is provided as general information, it is not intended nor does it replace a thorough understanding of your own policy or supersede the specific language of any policy.  Professional Liability policies are not standard, each differs. READ MORE >>

An article from the Insurance Journal, 5 Reasons Cyber Security is Failing and What P/C Insurers Can Do About it, states 5 reasons why it is not working: 1.    Common misconceptions. Most people understandably think of cyber security as an IT problem. READ MORE >>

Many people because of poor data connections or because they want to save data on their data plan are always looking for public WIFI to hook into.  Most people that use public WIFI are aware that they should never conduct confidential work over a public WIFI connection as you never know who is watching. READ MORE >>

Sometimes the little guy wins against the big guy.  According to a BBC Article the Trump Empire started to have issues over the use of the iTrump name in 2011.  iTrump is a Trumpet simulator app.  The Trump attorneys alleged that the trumpet simulator’s name falsely suggested a link to the tycoon. READ MORE >>

Recently we were working with a newer CPA.  His current agent had written him a Business Owners Policy (BOP) and combined that with an additional policy for Tax Preparers and Bookkeeping Errors and Omissions Insurance for one policy through The Hartford. READ MORE >>

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