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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: cyber insurance

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Travelers Insurance has developed a ‘Pressure Test’ for your Cyber Risk.  Once completed the site provides many helpful hints for managing the Cyber Risk.  To take the test click on:   Cyber Security Pressure Test   If you want help with your Cyber Insurance needs, please contact L Squared Insurance Agency. READ MORE >>

2018 Webinar Series for Legal Professionals Cybersecurity and the Future of Legal Malpractice Claims A Risk Management Resource for Legal Professionals READ MORE >>

A recent blog, Computer Fraud Insurance in the Cyberage, about courts supporting insurers in denying coverage for cybercrimes that did not originate with through ‘direct’ use of a computer should cause insureds to look closely at their cyber insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

Business interruption insurance coverage is an essential coverage needed by all businesses.  It is not uncommon that the costs of restoring a business’s operations can easily exceed the actual cost of repairing the damage that caused the business interruption. READ MORE >>

In the past we have blogged about attorney malpractice policies not answering cyber claims and that even though a business owner’s policy (BOP) may contain some cyber coverage, it likely will not provide all of the coverage and limits that a true cyber policy provides. READ MORE >>

According to the ABA 2017 Legal Technology Survey Report over 22% of the law firms that responded to the survey had experienced a data breach in the past year.  The highest percentage by firm size was 49% of the 10-49 attorney law firms having a data breach in the past 12 months. READ MORE >>

This is information supplied by a tech support vendor, that may be helpful.   In case you missed it, it was announced last week that there are very wide-spread vulnerabilities that involve almost every CPU made since 1995. READ MORE >>

When people think of a data breach’s they often think of a cyber-criminal breaking into a computer system and stealing client/customer personal information.  They are not all very high tech.  This is an actual occurrence that recently happened:   READ MORE >>

A number of media outlets, including the BBC, have reported that certain HP Laptops have been shipped with KeyLogger software on them since 2012.  This means that every keystroke on affected HP laptops could be viewed by 3rd parties. READ MORE >>

Computer viruses/malware, phishing and social media contribute too many of the hacks of computer systems.  But many of the hacks are made easy by passwords that should never be used.  Untrained employees are the easiest entrée into your computer systems. READ MORE >>

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