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Insurers look at 2 things when setting rates; frequency & severity of claims.  There is some caution with producing a list as different time periods and different jurisdictions can change these practice areas.  For example, up until 2009, residential real estate and title agency coverage was considered a preferred area of practice. READ MORE >>

When things go bad in a law firm between attorneys they can really go bad.  It is more frequent than people image having an attorney in a law firm file a claim when the partners are no longer speaking to each other.  The locks have been changed on the law office, access to client files restricted, and the access to computer systems denied. READ MORE >>

Based on a recent Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Conference in Law Vegas, Argo Pro’s Kim Noble released its Top 6 Liability Risks for Lawyers: 1.       Cyberattacks—As reported in our Blog, in 2017 22 Percent of the law firms reported a Cyber Attack. READ MORE >>

These are the clients from hell.  And unfortunately you are not immune even if you decline to represent the client or they were the opposing litigant.  Next thing you know you receive a notice that you have been filed upon for malpractice. READ MORE >>

According to the ABA 2017 Legal Technology Survey Report over 22% of the law firms that responded to the survey had experienced a data breach in the past year.  The highest percentage by firm size was 49% of the 10-49 attorney law firms having a data breach in the past 12 months. READ MORE >>

AARP recently posted an article on phone scams that you do not even have to answer the phone to be a Victim, Most telephone scammers rely on talk, getting you to pick up the phone so they can give their impersonations of IRS agents, noble fundraisers, tech-support saviors or grandkids in need. READ MORE >>

Scammers are increasingly targeting lawyers by sending forged emails to law firms, their clients and/or to financial institutions, instructing that funds be wired to accounts controlled by the scammers. The scam typically involves a compromised email account (which can be the lawyer’s, th... READ MORE >>

Everyone wants an accurate attorney malpractice insurance quote.  Remember it is not just the premium quoted that matters, but the coverage provided by that quote.  No one wants a low premium that does not provide the proper insurance coverage. READ MORE >>

We have actually helped law firms that were carrying 2 or 3 legal malpractice insurance policies because the malpractice insurers they had written with were only licensed in one state.  In many cases the premiums were cut in half once the firm was written on one policy. READ MORE >>

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