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L Squared Insurance Agency Blog: 4_2018

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Lawyers that choose to go without malpractice insurance believe that because they work for a small firm and maintain close relationships with their regular clients, that they are immune to claims. Other attorneys believe that the chances of them facing a claim aren’t great enough for them to purchase an Attorney Malpractice insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Some law firms are reluctant to report small claims.  Many times the law firm feels that the legal malpractice claim is small and they can cover it themselves.  These strategies will help their insurance history thus keeping their attorney malpractice insurance premiums lower. READ MORE >>

Tough call, you found this terrific attorney that would be a great fit for your firm.  The attorney’s prior firm(s) work experience and skills are exactly what your law firm needs.  The attorney is concerned about the prior firm surviving after departure and has asked if you will pick up this prior acts exposure. READ MORE >>

Yesterday we blogged about client selection and how client selection helps prevent Attorney Malpractice Claims.  Today we have a Monkey attempting to file a copyright infringement suit against a photographer.  PETA decided that it was time to help an Indonesia Macau Monkey named Naruto protect his rights to the “Monkey Selfies” that he took in 2011. READ MORE >>

This case started out as an historical American submarine copyright infringement suit that should have never been brought.  Once the fuse is lite it is hard to put out.  We recently blogged about Attorney’s Fees not being covered by Attorney Malpractice Insurance. READ MORE >>

A Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) allows like risks to be able to purchase liability insurance on a group basis.  Formed by Congress in 1981, the Products Liability Risk Retention Act allowed the formation of groups to purchase liability insurance on a group basis. READ MORE >>

We all get those calls that you have won the lottery or a cruise to the Caribbean.   Normally you always hang up.  But imagine if the call was legit.  According to an ABA Journal and Wall Street Journal Article that is precisely the problem the West Virginia Law Firm of Bailey & Glasser has. READ MORE >>

We post on client fee issues frequently.  Why, because it is a leading cause of attorney malpractice claims.  Avoid fee disputes by explaining the fee arrangement in great detail during the first meeting.  Confirm this understanding in writing and have the client agree by signing the agreement. READ MORE >>

Question from Law Firm: My Attorney Malpractice Insurer just non-renewed my policy because of a claim,  now all I can get is ‘Surplus Lines’ or ‘Non-admitted’ insurers for a much higher premium.  How many years after a Legal Malpractice claim do I have to wait to get back with an ‘admitted’ Attorney Malpractice Insurer? READ MORE >>

Question from Attorney: Will you write an Attorney Malpractice Insurance Policy for me without prior acts coverage?  I currently have prior acts coverage and want to renew without any prior acts coverage to save money.  I do not want to purchase a Tail or Extended Reporting Period Endorsement from the incumbent insurer. READ MORE >>

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